BTS is now the most viewed K-Pop Group in YouTube history

BTS most viewed K-Pop Group

BTS is now officially the most-watched K-Pop group in YouTube history with more than 4 billion combined video views.

While artists like PSY continue to dominate the YouTube view graph with hits like “Gangnam Style“, BTS achieved success as the most watched K-Pop group with 4 billion hits.

The number of visits comes from a combination of views of music videos, views of cameras taken by the fans and views from BTS’s personal video channel, BANGTANTV.

In BANGTANTV videos of vlogs, extras and short clips titled BTS Bombs are published.

BTS most viewed K-Pop Group

In the music videos, BTS has accumulated an incredible number of visits, having obtained more than 380 million visits in “Dope” alone, and another 371 million in “Fire“.

BTS continues to break more and more records, and fans are excited to see what other records this group will break in the future!

Watch their “Spring Day” dance practice video below.

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