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When someone likes your photos or follows you, you get a notification on Instagram.People often check those notifications and see who is the person behind them. Often you like it or they follow you.Since our automated process is completely oriented and you can define the hashtags you need, you only like the people that are right for you and, as a result, get specific followers and “likes”.


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Then, she captured the most beautiful photograph, edited it with her own custom filter and even threw some money behind her to make sure there were many eyes fixed on her,  but she is not getting any “likes”!Well, maybe you have sympathy or two, but the overall participation rate of your Instagram post is weak. This is the daunting moment when you may be wondering why you chose to use Instagram as a marketing platform in the first place.With Instagram as one of the most commonly and successfully monetized social networks (it’s right there with YouTube), people are trying to do everything they can to succeed. That said, there are some of the most common reasons why people do this:Posts with high participation rates (likes, sharing, comments) tend to end up on the Instagram page, which then exposes those posts to more people.People looking to sell their accounts (yes, sell and buy accounts is a great moment) may want to increase their numbers a bit, since the profiles with greater participation have a higher price.Some people simply see this as a shortcut to building their presence, whether they are running a business on Instagram or simply trying to build a certain personal image.These bots not only make these “likes” and have no real meaning or value, but can also seriously endanger your account. Vulnerable Terms of service that, as you can imagine, Instagram does not like much, so they constantly look for these accounts and permanently prohibit.In addition, there are many services that can verify what percentage of your followers and I like are real and what is purchased.The point is: this really does not do much for you while putting your account in serious danger. My warm suggestion is that you keep yourself in the good manual education of your target audience. The results are much more tangible and significant anyway.