Buy Real Twitter Followers Your Way To Success

Buy Real Twitter Followers

We often talk about buying followers, and whether or not it’s safe to do so. My contention is that it is indeed safe to buy Twitter followers, and that with the right kind of investment, those followers can be both real and valuable to your brand.

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The Philosophy Of Buy Real Twitter Followers

However, the world of follower purchasing is fraught with pitfalls and other traps, and it’s easy to be hooked and reeled in by a scammer with a legitimate-sounding offering, only to waste your money on well-crafted bots. This is why you should only buy real twitter followers from us.

Advantages of buying real twitter followers:

  • It’s a quick way of kick starting your Twitter account. As opposed to starting from zero to a few dozen followers, now you’ll be launched off with a few thousand followers from the get-go.
  • The best part, arguably, is that it will strengthen your social credibility. Having a following means you have some Social Proof, causing new visitors to take you more seriously, engage with you online, and follow you to the point of purchase from you or your company.
  • Different Marketing Campaigns are visibly more effective. That’s a fact. The more followers you have given you the “bandwagon effect” casting less doubt about your business. This helps both save in the long-run.
  • Social Proof can increase conversion by up to 1400%. Showcase your large following on your website and show others how many people love your brand. This is no joke – source.
  • Gain more organic followers as a result of your positive social proof. When you have thousands of followers, users are more likely to perceive you as “worth following”.
  • Attract more impressions and engagements – With a larger following, your tweets are able to reach a larger audience and attract more engagements. This doesn’t work with shitty tweets.
  • It’s a Deal Maker. If you’re a professional, artist or a small agency, the number of followers you have can affect how potential clients, fans and/or record-labels preserve you. More followers can help make the deal or give you an upper-hand in negotiating.

Real vs. Fake Followers:

Not all followers are the same. When you buy followers, you want to make sure you buy real Twitter followers, and steer clear of fake followers. To better understand what we mean by this, here are features of real follower:

  • Unique Profile Photo
  • Unique Header Image
  • Unique Bio
  • Frequently Tweets
  • Retweets& Likes Others
  • Has Followers of their own
  • Doesn’t follow too many users
  • Low Risk of unfollowing you
  • Low Risk of getting suspended

The difference between real and fake followers is pretty obvious, and can really impact the appearance of your profile, as well as your reputation.

Fake Real Buy Real Twitter Followers

Here are some signs that the followers are fake:

  • They don’t appear to be interested in anything relevant to you. I have a test account that primarily tweets a couple times a week and usually about gaming or pop culture. Nothing on it is religious of any sort, and yet an account for a church followed it. It’s pretty clear they’re fishing for followers, and that account – even if it’s real – isn’t going to be valuable to me in any way. There’s a difference between actual fakes and irrelevant accounts, though, which I’ll talk about next.
  • They have more people they follow than follow them. One sign of a fake account is when it follows a ton of people but doesn’t have very many followers. Often these accounts will have very low thresholds, because Twitter has hard limits on the number of people you can follow when you have too few followers. Savvy sellers might network their bots to all follow each other and inflate their counts, but that’s also easy to identify.
  • They have little or no personal information. Many bot accounts were called “egg” accounts, because they used the default Twitter profile picture, which is an egg on a colored background. However, recently Twitter removed the egg avatar because it was gaining vast negative associations, so now there’s a more placeholder-style silhouette avatar for new accounts. Either way, an account without a profile picture is more likely to be fake or at least very low value.
  • Their profile picture is commonly found online. Some of the more mid- and high-tier fake sellers will set up their bots with real-looking information. Generally, their profile description will be spun content from other profiles, and their profile picture will be stolen from a legitimate user or will be a stock photo found all over the internet. Use the Google search-by-image feature, and if you see the photo on a dozen different Twitter accounts, it’s probably fake.
  • They rarely or never tweet themselves. Many bots will rarely tweet, because tweeting is not valuable to them. Alternatively, they will tweet about products and services they don’t really care about, because the seller is being enterprising and using their bots to spur on trends or sell retweets as well as follows.
  • They aren’t geographically relevant. This is primarily for local businesses, but you’ll often find that when you buy followers, the narrowest geographic targeting you can buy is “in North America.” A business that only does business in rural Kansas isn’t going to benefit from followers in California, Nebraska, Canada, or Germany, so followers anywhere far outside of your radius, while potentially legitimate, aren’t going to be useful to you.

How to buy twitter followers

How to buy real twitter followers from us?

It’s extremely simple, it’s well known, and millions of people have bought followers. To buy real twitter followers, you simply:

  • Go on our website
  • Choose how many followers you want, from a few hundred to a few million.
  • Place your order.
  • This may take a few hours to a few days.
  • Start receiving new Twitter followers on your account.

Money back Guarantee:

Unlike the other services in this business, the comes with a money back guarantee if the program doesn’t work for you or doesn’t show results.

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