Convert Facebook Likes into Email Subscribers

How to Convert Facebook Likes into Email Subscribers

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Social media is a great way to start relationships with people on a personal level, but how do you create meaningful business relationships as part of the next step? It is important to bring them to your email list because that is the best way to show niche experience and make meaningful offers.

How to Convert Facebook Likes into Email Subscribers

Another benefit of building a following and getting people to “like” your Facebook page is that paid advertising on Facebook may be less expensive for your followers on Facebook than for a cold audience on Facebook.

Well, if Facebook groups are your main source of customers and customers – your Facebook Bussiness Page should be adorned with your best things.

Reasons why it’s time to turn Facebook followers into email subscribers?

Facebook is not here to stay forever. Have you ever wondered what would happen to your social marketing investment if Facebook left tomorrow? Sellers have invested innumerable hours, resources and skills to develop a solid Facebook page, hoping to generate a positive return on investment. But the truth is that online users are unpredictable. And if Facebook does not stay on top of creativity and innovation, then eventually it will be replaced. A perfect example of this is the case of Facebook eliminating MySpace.

Here are some tips to take on Facebook’s quality business prospects to your email lists:

  • Add an email link and a form to your Facebook page. This is basically adding an opt-in form to your Facebook page. A user first clicks the “record” link on the tab (see below) and then takes a page with an opt-in form.
  • Use Facebook Ads. Whether it is a promoted ad, or a personalized audience, or any of the other Facebook advertising, give Facebook ads a try. Facebook has basically become an “advertising platform”, as its new competitor, Ello calls it. So sometimes, you have to give in and spend a little money. At least now you’re spending the money on your email list. Treat your subscribers right and it should be a very good investment.
  • Include a link in your About section, in the long description. You can add links to any page you want in the long description of your Facebook page. You can include links to the main pages of your site, plus an additional link to a landing page designed to turn Facebook visitors into email subscribers. However, you want to use that space, it’s yours. So add some links.
  • Make your Facebook cover photo clickable – and send them to a landing page optimized for opt-in pages. Click on your Facebook cover image.
    Click “Edit.” In the top description box, enter a promotional copy, and then add a link to the page to which you want to send people. Do not worry about making the URL a hyperlink; Facebook will do it for you. Click on “Edit finished”.
  • Website Links: After having a loyal fan base, offer other ways to interact with you or your business. Post links to your blog entries, for example, or share the link to your last podcast. Create titles that bite the interests of the readers. According to LinkedIn, titles with lists, questions and action words are the most attractive for Internet users. By waiting until you have the attention and interest of your followers, you may see a better response rate to the links outside of Facebook. When you bring your fans to your site, make sure you have featured subscription links.

Convert Facebook Likes into Email Subscribers

Take care of what needs to be done

Before you can generate a quality email database, you must first give your Facebook followers a means to subscribe to your emails. To do this, include an email registration form on your Facebook page. This can be an obvious move, but most online shoppers enjoy being spoon-fed by online marketers.

Maintain your social energy

Active Facebook engagement is not just an important component of your social marketing tactic. It is also a vital approach to open channels of communication between you and your potential customers.

This is also a good way to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche. If your followers have tons of positive encounters with you on Facebook, they will be more receptive to your email subscription plans.

Share previews of exclusive content

Previews are a great way to arouse the curiosity of your followers. Whether you are presenting pre-transaction offers as a guide or an infographic, mocking your followers with a little help content.

You can also preview the exclusive content by sharing an excerpt from an interesting blog post. Persuade your followers to sign up for your newsletter if they want to access the full post.

Your goal here is to capture the interest of your followers, but leave them yearning for more. And the only way they can turn off their craving is to sign up for their emails.

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