GANGNAMSTYLE got 3 billion views

‘Gangnam Style’ Reaching 3 Billion Views on YouTube

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Earlier this year, Psy said he was ready to move on from “Gangnam Style,” but the mega hit is still part of the Korean rapper’s estate. He wrote history in 2012 when “Gangnam Style” became the first viral video to reach more than a billion views on YouTube.


The music video reached first place on the broadcast platform several days before the fifth anniversary of the milestone earlier this year, when “See You Again” surpassed the Psy song as the most watched video. Despacito” has surpassed both videos.

At the peak of its popularity, “Gangnam Style” reached # 2 on the Hot 100 list. Currently, it is still the largest Korean song on the Billboard list, though the “DNA” of BTS reached the seventh place this year; Psy handed the torch to the boy band last week before his AMA performance.

A satirical commentary on the new, rich Gangnam district in Seoul. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” became viral because of its funny style and famous horse dance. The artist has released several tracks and recently released his album 4×2 = 8.

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Before the release of Gangnam Style, K-Pop was usually reserved only for those in South Korea and, to a lesser extent, the rest of Asia, as well as for those who are already on the style of friends or makers of trends. Act had never been broken in the US. UU In an important way, and no one had achieved a success almost as massive as the somewhat stupid tune. “Gangnam Style” reached # 2 in the United States and stayed in first place for a few frames, though it is still the most successful track of this genre in United States history.

The next step into the three-billion club is probably Justin Bieber’s “I’m sorry,” though it could all happen in the coming months, as YouTube continues to attract millions of users who focus solely on this platform trying to listen to music.

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