How To Get More Twitter Followers ( A Little Used Technique)

How To Get More Twitter Followers

If you think it will save your marketing work, move the planet aside or change your love life, then you are very wrong.

For starters, I’m a big Twitter fan and I’ve used it for years. It’s a simple 140-character toolbox that moves my content, opens doors, and expands my business networks. Over the years, I’ve created dozens of Twitter accounts, and in this article, I’ll share a simple technique that will make Twitter followers grow fast.

All you need is probably 30 minutes of your daily time, and in the long run, I’m sure you’ll be able to grow your followers much faster than before.

How To Get More Twitter Followers

I started a new Twitter manager a few months ago with my new marketing blog. Like you, I was determined to grow Twitter followers without buying followers, and I want them to grow up fast!

My case study

This case study started about 3 months ago and today I have 110 followers. With this technique, he gained between 5 and 30 new followers every day.

The following is the screenshot showing my Follower account to be taken to Twitter Counter.

Optimize your Twitter account
Before you think about increasing the number of followers, take a step back and analyze your Twitter profile.


Does your Twitter profile have the following?

  • Twitter egg avatar (default image)
  • Empty line profile
  • Organic messy profile

The biography of Twitter is important, it’s more than just a beautiful face and biographical information. When a future follower reviews your Twitter biography, you’ll have an idea of what you’re dealing with. his experience, his knowledge and ultimately the real person behind the avatar.

The trick here is simple. Upload a picture of yourself (if you use Twitter to do business, recommend photos that are done professionally), a summary of yourself and what you can expect from you. You can even spray some hashtags to make sure you reach a larger audience.

If you do not know, Twitter is used by more than 190 million users (according to Statistics Brain) and that means that you have many opportunities to grow your followers. Remember, however, that your ultimate goal is to gain more Twitter followers who are interested in what you have to say.

Connecting with people with similar interests not only increases their influence but also the ability to share valuable information with each other. At the same time, you have a greater chance of increasing your clickthrough rate and getting more response from your tweets.

A proven technique to increase Twitter followers for free
I know that you’re tired of knowing the technique I’ve been working on for the past few minutes, and you may even think of sending me multiple (virtual) projectiles.

The technique I use is retweeting … with a twist. Yes, read below to find out more.

Retweeting is often seen as a method of detecting, accepting and approving a particular tweet.

Think about it.

There is no science in this … really. These publications simply preserve the viral effect because:

  • These are the most important influencing factors in the industry
  • Well respected, to say the least
  • Most are their tweets are full of sardines with information
  • Here comes the headline. Wait …

How can I use it and grow my followers on Twitter?

You may think, “Reg, I do not have enough authority in my niche to be on par with these people.” How can I use this technique (if it really is one) for myself?

I would attribute this guilt to human nature. A friend of mine once told me, “If you feel lost, always follow the crowd.”

Trust me, that makes sense.

We (the Terrans) love to be in groups and not in one way – mission-to-something. In this case, a publication retweeted by you will be seen by both your followers and those of the influencer. Indirectly he tells the world that he agrees to the release and makes it loud.

This may seem strange, but do you know that some of the followers of influence will follow you just because you’ve retweeted the release?

The mentality would be that if you retweet this post, there is a good chance that you are interested in the topic. The followers of the influencer tend to follow you, simply because they trust you to have the same thoughts as them.


What do you get when these people follow you?

They know that they are looking for a mutual relationship, and you can promote it!

Important note: Nobody will follow you for no reason … unless you are an influencer like Lady Gaga!

For now, the technique of retweeting to increase the number of Twitter followers makes sense for you. But retweeting is only part of it.

Here is the second part.

Retweeting with valuable comments
The biggest problem you will face with this technique is that you have to retweet plus to provide your own comments.

For example, do not just press the retweet button. Instead, take some time to read and understand the publication. Always remember that your retweets are what you think and your thoughts.

You see, the second retweet seems to be more personal and brings your personal feeling into the whole context.

Not only your readers will appreciate it, even the influencer will feel that way!

My retweeting strategy with Twitter lists
For those of you who do not know this, I love the features of the Twitter list. In my main account, I have 30 specific lists that range from influential motivational, social media and content marketing strategies. With these lists I can expand my target audience based on my own requirements (yes, Retweeting as technology).

At the same time, I know influential people who do not use hashtags in their tweets. Adding some hashtags to the retweets and leaving some additional drawing spaces is excellent, as it is easier for others to retweet them.

In summary, here are some simple guidelines that you can follow immediately:

  • Rethink 5 to 10 times a day from different influential people
  • Leave some valuable comments on the retweets
  • Add some hashtags to meet your needs and target audience
  • Program retweets at the right time
  • Just return the information you agree with
  • Ask a quick question in the retweet (if the length allows it)

To you
I hope you find this publication useful and believe me, they work like charm! I have been following the previous Twitter techniques for months and do you have any tricks to grow your Twitter followers? Leave a comment and we will discuss more!

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