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Get a Positive Reputation on Social Media Through Authentic Facebook Reviews

These days, Facebook pages are all the hype. Every brand every company, every artist in the industry has a Facebook, in fact, many people start their business off from Facebook. If you have a high rating on your Facebook page it’s going to attract more followers and will give you credibility.

how to order lets you buy authentic Facebook reviews which are very important for the success of a Facebook page.

If you don’t already have a Facebook page for your business, you should get one right now. Before we talk about how important Facebook reviews are, first let’s look at the advantages of having a Facebook page:

  1. Users

No one can deny how popular Facebook has. With 1.9 billion users, Facebook remains the most widely used social media network. Creating a Facebook fan page or a business means getting more and increasing exposure and being able to reach more potential customers. Everyone is on Facebook and so are the people interested in your business. So, getting a Facebook page will increase your chances of getting a higher customer rate.

  1. Gather Leads

Just using Facebook is not a very wise decision to run long term business because Facebook after all is a asocial media website and what if it actually shuts down someday that is why you need to connect with your customers outside of Facebook and Facebook makes it very easy for you. You can gather leads by gaining the email addresses of your customers by offering newsletters or giving giveaways. This is one easy way to establish a relationship with your customers outside of Facebook through Facebook.

  1. Inexpensive

How much does it cost to start a business on Facebook? Yes, just about $0. This is why people choose to start their business or fan pages on Facebook because it costs nothing and it is so much easier to get to your audience. Once you start off, you might need to pay for ads or boosts but it is so inexpensive as compared to print or tv ads and it is so much more targeted.

  1. Target your Audience

When you advertise yourself you are going to have to make sure that you reach the target audience. If it’s a tv advertisement or a print, it is more difficult to find out whether or not you reached the target audience but with Facebook analytics you can be sure that your ad reaches the target audience.

  1. Making use of Facebook Insights

The numbers are not the only thing that count when it comes to a business but they matter. The analytics Facebook provides through Facebook Insights for business pages is a very useful feature. It is so easy to understand even for the non-technical people. It gives you some simple stats like how many people liked your page, your posts, what was the reach of your posts, the level of activity etc.

  1. Building credibility and loyalty

It is the age of the internet and people are increasingly looking for online platforms to buy products because it is quick and efficient but one downside that people are always afraid of while ordering things online is that they don’t know whether or not the platform is credible or if the products or services are going to be authentic that is why you need brand loyalty and online it is easier to build brand loyalty. If you have an active page and post interesting and engaging content regularly people are going to remain interested in your brand. You can also be responsive by answering all the queries that people have.

  1. Gathering traffic to your website

Smart business runners don’t just limit their business to Facebook, they use Facebook effectively to divert traffic to their website. An easy way to do this is to keep posting links from your website on your Facebook page. Just one click will take your customer to the website. With the new Facebook feature, whenever you post a link, a bog thumbnail appears with the link which makes it easier to gather the attention of the viewer.

  1. Look out for competition

When you are on your Facebook page, Facebook gives you the option of ‘pages to watch’. These are the pages that are similar to your business. In this way Facebook lets you keep track of ither businesses that are your competitors. It does not mean that you can view their stats or analytics but it still useful for checking out how they are running their business and attracting customers and whether or not you can learn something from them.

  1. Checking in and tagging

One way to keep your audience involved in your business is the check-in feature which is not available on personal pages. Means that is your business has a location and a customer went there, they can check in to let others know they have been there. Similarly, Facebook pages can be tagged in posts by other people or other pages. This helps get you more traffic.

  1. Search engine results

The Facebook page that you own is indexed by Google and so is some of the public content. For your business to appear on search engines is important for getting more customers and Facebook helps you with that.

Since we have already established the importance of owning a Facebook page for your business, let’s talk about why reviews are important.

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What are Facebook reviews

Facebook gives users the option to rate a business from out of 5 stars. According to Facebook, the star ratings determine whether your business appears in the news feed, this helps people discover new businesses and interact. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine where your posts appear in the news feed or if they appear at all. In other words the visibility and reach of your business on Facebook is affected by the star ratings.

The star reviews are important because they appear right there on the front of the page and people get influenced by it. Unlike Facebook likes and followers which are present in numerical and are less evident, the 5 stars are very evident and immediately affect how the customer views your page and whether he chooses to trust your business. More and more people are now becoming interested in leaving reviews on Facebook so the reviews can make or break your presence on Facebook. A study conducted suggested that 80% people are more likely to purchase from Facebook if the page has positive reviews and ratings.

According to a study of 2015

  • 55% of the customers use Facebook to get aware or learn more about new products and services.
  • 71% people said that they somewhat or completely trust what they see on Facebook
  • 83% of people trust reviews and recommendations from friends and family and 55% people trust them from strangers.

The online reviews also help shed light on some valuable information about your business. For example, if you are an online food business, someone might write in their review ‘I loved their French fries’. In this way people are going to know that your French fries are the product to try. Similarly reviews also help give customers give information about the personality of your brand or your service. People might talk about how time efficient the delivery was or friendly their experience was. This will help you gain the trust of new customers who might be hesitant at first. Your reviews are going to convey that you take care of your customers and that is sometimes what matters the most, how convenient and friendly your service because at the end it is the experience that people are going to remember.

Don’t fret over some negative reviews. If there are all positive reviews on your page, it is going to seem a little fishy because the truth is everyone is different and you can’t expect everyone to be happy with your service. Rather you should know how to deal with the negative reviews.

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Dealing with negative reviews

Whenever you get a new review on your page, you are going to get a notification. If you got a negative review from someone then do not lose your cool. Learn to efficiently deal with the review. First read the review carefully and try to understand what the problem is that your customer is trying to convey.

Once you do that you can either reply to the review or you can privately message the person. Either way remember to be friendly and calm and accept your mistakes and take responsibility for them.

Tell your disappointed customer that you are going to take measures to rectify the mistake. This is going to leave a positive impact on the customer and they might give you another chance.

Negative reviews can actually be a great way to put yourself in action and turn a disappointed customer into a satisfied one. A negative review might end up doing more good for you than harm.

If they didn’t like what they ordered or didn’t like your service, offer to give them the same product for free. Remember it is all about creating positive vibes.

Remember that feedback is very important for any business because it makes the customer feels like they are being heard and they can engage with you and trust you. So, don’t just respond to the negative feedback, try to respond to the positive feedback as well with even just a simple thank you. It’s all about keeping the customers happy and satisfied. If they get a response the first time, they are likely to leave a review the second time too.

How to turn on reviews and ratings

In order to enable your customers to leave reviews and ratings on your Facebook page, you are going to need to turn the option on for them. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the settings option located on the top of the page.
  2. Click on the page info option and select Local Business as the category of your Facebook page. This needs to be done because Facebook so far hasn’t added the review option for fan pages like pages of singers, artists etc.
  3. Then click on Save Changes.
  4. Go to Settings again and click on Page Info once more.
  5. Click the Address option and enter the required information then check in the box for Show maps, Check-ins and Star Ratings.
  6. Now click save changes.

With you can buy real and authentic Facebook reviews to promote your business. They offer:

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The service is very easy to order, all you have to do is:

  • Go to services on the website and choose your desired plan.
  • Choose the quantity.
  • Click on add to cart and then go to the cart
  • Click on checkout
  • After that fill in the required details.
  • You can pay using your credit card or Paypal then finally proceed to checkout.

You might be having trouble gaining audience on your Facebook page and 5 star ratings can help you develop credibility and get more customers to boost your business. It is essential to have a trustworthy online presence and credible ratings provided by this website will help you get just that.

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Don’t worry about getting blocked

Most people hesitate while buying reviews or ratings and the biggest reason for that is that people are constantly worried about Facebook blocking their page which will ruin their business. But can guarantee you with their experience that Facebook will not block your page, it will just remove some inactive accounts and so their reviews will be removed as well but you don’t have to worry about that either because those reviews and ratings are going to be replenished as soon as the accounts get removed.

If this does not work for you, there is a 100% money back guarantee so you do not have to worry about wasting your money. Also, the service is very inexpensive.

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