Followers24hour Social Marketing Scholarship

We are offering $500 Internet Marketing Scholarship + Social media marketing strategy video course.

We have gathered sufficient information both offline and online. Our final conclusion was that there are lots of unique and original ideas everywhere. Just like you never know what you hold, until you lose it. But the irony is that you have the opportunity to nurture your Creators given talent and fathom to the higher ladder.

Currently, we are fully concentrating on the Social Marketing area. Reason: It is a 24/7 Social Marketing Strategy that helps consumers to make prompt purchasing decisions. Thecost, personalization, distance and customer relationship does matter at this point.

As stated above, the Followers24hour Social Marketing Scholarship is both for undergraduate and postgraduate students.  Following the above, it will make you to grasp the chance of getting a $500 scholarship + Social media marketing strategy video course.

The scholarship mainly targets the students who are currently enrolled in the IT, Business, Marketing as well as Communications. One doesn’t need to have the highest skill when it comes to Internet marketing. You just have to have the secret of consistency; waking up early and do what you love most.

How to Participate

For you to take part in this Social Marketing Scholarship program, you have to be an excellent researcher. I mean you just have to believe that you are amongst the top ten researchers. We just need to hear from you. Not by your word of mouth but by your written words. In that short remark, we need a 500-1000 written content.

Subject:  “Importance of social media in daily life”

We will be grateful to receive the following ideas from you:

  • How Social Media is Playing a Great Role in our Daily Life
  • How We Meet and Stay in Touch with People
  • Using Social Media for Business
  • Using Social Media for Personal Use

The individual who will walk away with $500+ Social media marketing strategy video course. It can be utilized in various resources such as course material.

In addition:

Currently the scholarship is for students who are typically enrolled in universities, colleges or high School. As a side note, the content should be able to express your deep thoughts of the given topic. It should be unique as well as creative. It should be a convincing and well formatted content. Before getting back to you, we will have time to read and note the creativity of the content. Not to mention the information given.

How to Submitting your Application     

You will have to write a 500-1000 words article in a word document. Submit it in the word format. Besides, don’t forget to add a website/twitter/facebook of your URL, if you have one.

When done with the above follow ups, you can contact us at

The details include:

  • The attached word document
  • Fast and Last name, Address, Phone
  • School Name and Area of Study
  • Any document that will approve you to be a student

Remember that as soon as you submit your application, we will have the permission to access it. Therefore, we can use it for marketing and any other promotions.


Ending Date

The last date for submissions is March 31, 2017 , We will have the chance to select the winner by April-10, 2017.

The $500 Paypal and video course is meant to be sent to you.

We will run our scholarship program every year.