How to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

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So, you’re thinking about buying Like on Facebook, without judgments here, by the way, I understand! Maybe you just started a business or maybe you have a decent client or boss who is eager to increase your preferences, credibility and perceived success. Getting 1000 likes instantly for a few dollars is incredibly attractive!

But please finish this article before making the jump. As a result, buying Like from Facebook could do a lot more harm than good to your business.

Here are its top 5 assets that are likely to be successful:

• EdgeRank:
EdgeRank is the name commonly used for the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what elements to display in the user’s news feed. If you have thousands of inactive and non-dedicated fans, Facebook will take it into account and your posts will reach fewer people organically. Although I have more likes, it will reach fewer and fewer people.

• credibility:
As a result, the average user is quite intelligent and does not easily fool himself with large numbers. Consider the reaction of your audience if you see that your page has 1 million fans, but your last publication received only three “likes”. It does not make sense, right? Your confidence factor can give a blow.

• Valuable data:
One of the most important components to building a strong fan base on Facebook is the valuable information that you get from user data. With a real follow-up, Facebook can give you an accurate reading of the following topics:
o The age of the audience
o Geographic location
o Interests of the target group and possible overlaps with your company

Should You Buy Facebook Likes

All this valuable information will be useless once a large part of its users has been purchased.

• Advertising:
That is a great one. Once you surpass the initial increase in purchased likes, your site can become a ghost town tormented by those who are not really listening. If you want to upload a post or post a series of ads on Facebook, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money delivering ads to fake users. Running regular ads on Facebook can do wonders for your business, but promoting ghosts is not just a wasted effort, but a valuable resource that now becomes useless. “Is not there a way to filter the false likes?”, You can ask. No no no. I would have to do everything by hand.

• weather:
After realizing the big mistake you made when buying Likes, you may have to spend a lot of time putting your Facebook page in order. Be careful, it will hurt.
As a result, buying Facebook followers is like paying people to be your friend. Without gaining the confidence and attention of an admirer, it is unlikely that something good will come from a purchased round of happy thumbs up. And you could end up causing more problems and pain for yourself.

Creating an audience and building a true fan base is really hard work. It is a long game that is inappropriate for the super impatient or weak of heart. You must be honest, creative, dedicated and useful to increase your numbers and gain the trust of the people.

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