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10 Essential Social Media Apps for College Students

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The university is an exciting time in the life of every student. They move out of the cocoon of the house and spread their wings in life. Bring new experiences and much more!

Newfound freedom comes with a healthy dose of responsibility, while unbridled fun is interrupted by questionnaires, tests, and homework. It’s a firsthand experience and here are some popular applications that will help you get through the college years.

  1. LinkedIn: It is never too early to get involved in the future. With this application, you can connect with other students, teachers, potential employers, industry experts, and others who work in the same or similar areas. It helps you to prepare a solid foundation for your career even before you graduate from college.
  2. Facebook: Not only is Facebook the most popular social networking site, it’s probably the most useful as well. Connect with your roommates, classmates, teachers, as well as people from other universities or your region. You can broaden your horizons and get to know these people better. This helps you to create stronger connections with people.
  3. StunitedStunited is a comprehensive networking platform for students who want to connect with educational organizations and turn to professionals and affiliates. Once connected, you can access millions of information resources that you can share via chat with your global education networks.
  4. InternshipRatingsInternships are crucial for any good job these days. With this application, you can choose the best internship option for you, your value in the job market, the work environment, the learning experience, etc., based on student credentials.
  5. GraduwayTrue to the motto “Unlock Your Student Network,” this application is a university social networking service created to enhance student relations. While it’s all about making connections, these associations can even help you find a good job or internship.
  6. Equals6Equals6 is an online social recruiting community where students can not only make valuable contacts but also receive exclusive scholarships and exciting career opportunities. It works with lucrative companies that offer students great opportunities based on talent.
  7. BlendThis exclusive, University-only application offers multi-brand partners to offer students discounts and gifts based on activities such as photos, feed, etc. to help you save money on purchases.
  8. OOHLALA: This is an application that represents an organization of social tasks that can be customized according to your schedule. You can create your own schedule and compare it with friends. You can get your campus guide, connect with others, and join the community through groups and chats.
  9. Party in My Dorm: Originally published as Wigo, this application helps you find events on and around your campus. Use of
    Application, you can find all interesting things and find out who will be there. With the integrated chat tool, you can plan and coordinate your friends in real time.
  10. HallspotAt some point, most students are exposed to a severe financial crisis due to uncontrolled spending. This application can be a great saver as it helps you to save money in your favorite bars and restaurants on campus. Explore your region like never before and get the best deals!

Applying for college is the first step in the exciting and exciting journey that is about to begin. It will be full of ups and downs and definitely an experience of your life!

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