How do SoundCloud Rappers have so much money?


Many of them are really bankrupt, but they simulate it pretty well, do not believe in the illusion that your PR team represents.

 How do SoundCloud Rappers have so much money?

First of all, Soundcloud rappers that only use Soundcloud as an advertising method are rather small or unsigned, with the exception of new types like Lil Uzi Vert.

Big money comes in if you get a massive $2 million advance when ASAP signs Rocky with a major. Still, he was not rich. He had to pay for his tour bus, all his friends, scholarships, new clothes, stylists, producers, music videos, etc. After all, he still had no property and rented a place for himself and his friends. He had not bought a car or anything yet, he just gave it out for clothes and rented it and the rest went to the music. Any true music artist will prioritize spending on his music to ensure its high quality and give it real recognition. Lady Gaga’s Monster Tour, with revenue of $ 70 million, barely reached a dead end and nearly lost her money, but she did not care that she just wanted to do a crazy tour with dancers and give their fans the best possible value.

If you have a good taste in clothes and a decent jeweler, and know how to shop without paying the full price, if you lose $ 20K in clothes, shoes, and some small trinkets, you can truly transform yourself completely. Many people do that. Honestly, for $ 2-3K, you could buy a group of sick clothes and a cheaper chain, and still look like a million dollars. However, most people are too scared to dress and portray themselves like this. But you could easily do it if you have a decent paid job.

If you speak of independent rappers wearing luxury clothes and jewelry; look where they live Most of them still live in the neighborhood, because despite good clothes, they can not afford to move to a more comfortable neighborhood. So beautiful is the dividing line. It’s easy to be rich in a hood. It’s easy for a group of friends to sell drugs, buy clothes and jewelry in cash, pay for their studies, buy a luxury used car, and go crazy. You do not have to be rich to do that, you just have to choose to spend your money this way. You could do that in cash for $ 30-40K a year. Buy a suitable house in a better neighborhood? That’s outside your price range until you get a real deal.

What baffles ordinary people is how these boys smoke grass in lianas all day long, produce music, occasionally make trips and have trash bags with disposable income. If you work in a job where you pay $ 90,000 a year, you could live like a king if you buy the lifestyle that rappers have. Get a sick car, use cold bottles and pop from time to time, get a big ass chain.

The question you probably ask is how they create this illusion. Many of the cars are rented or rented, or even yours. Many of the jewels are full of CZ and are also rented. They all wear cool, modern clothes, but if you follow them closely, you’ll see that there are not many unperformed rappers wearing legitimately prohibitive clothing. Using Supreme or Bape is not as expensive as shopping in unhealthy places like Balmain. See how much money Rick Ross or any of these people really has, it’s never as much as he thinks.


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