5 Strategies to Grow Instagram Followers & Engagement

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Instagram has received its place as one of the leaders in social media marketing. This is due to its amazing statistics of user growth and fun options, easy to publish and interaction.

These are some of the reasons why many brands and public figures rely on Instagram to support their products and services. But how exactly do brands increase their Instagram followers?

Strategies to Grow Instagram Followers

Basically, they evaluate their audience, determine their goal and address all actions to get the attention of Instagram users. This may sound simple, but once you have it in your hands, it is disconcerting and time-consuming.


Many brands are using specialized applications for assistance. Combin is a great example of those applications. Combin is an Instagram growth tool that offers smart search capabilities based on hashtags.

5 Strategies to Grow Instagram Followers & Engagement


This includes the automation of the following actions, follow, like and comment, as well as schedule them according to the daily action restrictions of Instagram.


1. Search your Instagram Instagram followers by Hashtags

Collect Instagram hashtags that are appropriate for what you do and represent.
Start Combin, click Add New Search, select Publication Search and enter the hashtags.
Identify the number of desirable search results and the publication date, then click Search.
Categorize search results received by date or by “like” number and comments. This relates first to the newest and most popular publications.
Clean up the posts that you already liked and commented on the accounts of your Instagram and Instagram followers.
Select the publications you want to please or comment by clicking on them. Choose all publications by clicking Select All and then select an action: follow the author, click Like or comment on the publication.

2. Search your destination Instagram followers by locations and events

Find out about any place or event attended by people possibly interested in your product or content. By doing this, you will double your chances of finding many new followers and possible customers.

Perform a new publication search and enter the name of the location in the Place field.
Identify the date of publication.
Filter and classify the results according to your accessibility.
Do “Like”, comment and follow the following actions to draw attention to your Instagram account.

3. Search your Instagram Instagram followers among followers and commentators from other accounts

Click on Add new search and select User search. Here you can identify the searches made by followers of specific Instagram accounts or their commentators.
Enter the Instagram username of the accounts related to yours or the username of your competitors.
Identify the number of results and the last time the followers/commenters were present on Instagram.
The accounts of the search results received are your possible followers on Instagram. Follow them, I like and comment on their publications so that they are part of your social network.

4. Draw attention to your profile by collaborating with posts and Instagram accounts found

Search is a vital part, but communication with the people you have found is so essential to the growth of your Instagram followers.
Keep Unique and Massive Likes in Publications: Select multiple accounts or publications that Combin found when you clicked them. Then click the “Like” button at the top of the application window. For more publications, click Select All and then click the Like button.
Leave clear comments on the publications: Select numerous accounts/publications found. Next, click on the comment icon at the top of the application window. Write the comment you want to leave for the selected accounts/publications and validate the action.
Leave the comments in bulk by selecting all the results, pressing the “Comment” button and writing the comment text: It is recommended not to leave too many repeated comments as this may seem like spam. Create a set of comment templates by clicking the More button when adding a comment. Combin leaves comments without comments on selected messages that look much more realistic.
Follow the authors of the found publications or the found accounts: Select several or all search results and click the button Follow.

5. Find influences and promote your account with your help

The influencers work hard in their state. Your participation in the marketing of your Instagram account will increase the game with some noteworthy points.

Select User Search and enter the username of your competitor. Categorize the search results by the number of followers.
Select Publication search, enter the appropriate hashtags/account locations for you. Categorize the results by the number of likes/comments and then search for the profiles of the message senders.

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