Twitter’s Most Famous Shark Has Gone Missing!

Twitter’s Most Famous Shark Has Gone Missing
If they told Pulitzers about the headlines, he would at least get a nod. I’ll literally tell you a story about a shark named Mary Lee, who inexplicably has more followers in social networks than any real person she knows in real life and how she’s missed and people are crazy about it. Remember, if you read this after Shark came out in the late 70’s and did not go into the ocean for years.

But not Mary is reading. This shark has nearly 130,000 followers because of its keen sense of humor. That was really a terrible pun on my side. The shark is pursued LITERALLY while being tagged as they say. The thing is, nobody knows where the shark is at this moment. Mary Lee is missing.

I have two personal theories here:

At first it was absorbed by the strange meteorological phenomenon “Sharknado” and will inevitably be killed in the near future by an old Beverly Hill star 90210 with a chainsaw …

Or, second, he realized that social networks were crap and had lost interest in entertaining lazy people like us, so he swam near a coral and got rid of that shit to have some freedom.

Man, I’m jealous of you when it’s the last, to be honest.

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