Why You Might Be Losing Followers?

Losing Followers

Why You’re Losing Followers?

However, recently, Instagram has been doing more ‘spam clear ups’ where they delete inactive and spam accounts.

Note: Same reason for Instagram and Twitter.

  • Based on my experience there are also a lot of “follow for follow” type of users. And if you don’t follow them, they unfollow you.
  • Instagram constantly bans fake users and bots on their account so this can be a reason.
  • Have you recently gone on a follow/unfollow spree? A lot of the followers you acquire after spam-following will unfollow you after a while.
  • An offensive post , such as a racist post, could motivate many people to unfollow you at once.
  • Have you shared low-quality content? Often, people tend to unfollow people if they share content they don’t like
  • Over-posting on Instagram also includes slicing up your images to create a big grid, your followers don’t want to see 9 tiny portions of an image, it’s boring and frustrating and leads to being unfollowed quickly.
  • Quit for a few days: Log out of your account, and don’t post for a few days.
  • Have you done something that isn’t appreciated by your audience? Brands are most often victims of this. If they do something that ends up backlashing, they might lose a lot of followers.
  • Spamming clearing. Instagram from time to time clears spam accounts.
  • You were not very engaging or were least active on your account. When a user sees you have nothing to entertain them with and are lost and inactive on your own profile, there is a tendency you get unfollowed.
  • Some inactive accounts might be considered Spam accounts by Instagram and so they might get deleted as well.

So, for our services please expect a small drop of 10-15% after the followers have been delivered. If your followers  drop more than 10 to 15%, then  we will refill your followers.

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