Most frequently asked questions from our customers

How Long Do Orders Take To Be Completed ?

We generally start all orders within the first  6  hours and Completed in 24 hour. Sometime it takes 4-5 days when social site updates there system.

Why Are We Cheaper from others?

Some of our competitors spend their work to other suppliers and take a cut for themselves. We use our own Premium Networks.

Will I Get My Page/Account Banned For Using This Service?

There is no way you would get your page/id/account banned or removed from using our services and we have never had anyone tell us that they have had this problem. We use safe promotion methods to ensure your page/id/account is 100% safe.

Do You Have Bulk Buyers Discount Offer?

We offer a bulk discount. we can offer a custom package to our customers if you get in touch with us we can talk about what we have to offer.

Where Do I Provide URL When Ordering?

Additional Information (Order Notes) Put Your Social URL and note

How long my Likes/followers will stay?

It's Generally 3 Months. Not sure. FB, YT & Soundcloud is lifetime. But when social media sites make their update then it's may down, then we can't do anything.

Why followers drop?

Please expect a small drop of 10-15% after the followers have been delivered. If you a huge amount of drop, then please leave us message using your order id, we will refill it.  Read More

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