How to Increase YouTube Views Automatically

How to Increase YouTube Views Automatically

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Do you want to receive more YouTube views, but do not know where to start? You have the perfect title, tags, and description, your video is hilarious, and you’ve advertised like crazy on your Facebook page and on Twitter, but your video is not getting the recognition you think deserves it.

We cover you with some little-known tips that might help you track your views on YouTube videos.

SO, How to Increase YouTube Views Automatically?

Before you begin, remember that Rome was not built in one day and there is no foolproof way to turn your video into a viral success at night. It may take some time for your videos to start, but those seven tips will definitely take you in the right direction and give you more insights than you get today.

Comments in videos

You know those little text bubbles that you see in people’s videos, the lyrics like “thumbs up!” Or “Subscribe!” These so-called YouTube annotations are a great way to improve your video views. About annotations, you can link from one video to another and the playlists of your videos, your channel and more, forcing viewers to see more of your videos.


Many YouTube users are unaware that playlists are a great way to increase their video views. A playlist is a list or group of videos that play back one at a time, one after the other at a time. The good thing about playlists is that they appear separately in the search results. In other words, if you have a video about frogs or a playlist of animals that contain the frog video, viewers have more options when they search for your video. You can see your playlist or watch her frog video.

Because playlists play your videos automatically one after the other, viewers often watch more videos when they play playlists, which has a positive effect on increasing your channel’s views. Playlists can also be integrated so that viewers can watch all of your videos together on your blog or website.


As you build your subscriber base, it’s important to communicate with your fans. One of the best ways is through newsletters. YouTube introduced newsletters a year ago. Newsletters allow you to easily send text messages and videos to all your subscribers and newsletters appear on the home page of your subscribers. Do not be shy: send out newsletters to let subscribers know when you upload new videos.

Another way to get more views on your YouTube videos is to post them as video responses in more popular related videos. It’s easy to do and you can get a significant number of clicks if you’re lucky and publish in the right video.

So, how is it done? Go to the video where you want to post your video response. You’ll notice that you can click “Create Video Response” next to the comment box. Click to go to a page listing all your videos. Click the one you want to use as a video response. It takes two seconds and can be an excellent way to get additional video views.


If you’re still not benefiting from the YouTube community, you’re hurting yourself. By commenting on the videos you like, subscribing to and following other great creators, and communicating with your “idols” on YouTube, you can do great things. When you join the community, spread your name and encourage the people you comment (and others who see your comments) to visit your channel and watch your videos, as well as expand your network and open doors. for future cooperation.

Working with other YouTube users is great (especially if they have followers), because if you work with others, you can post your followers, which will hopefully get you more subscribers and followers.

Current content

After all, if you want to get lots of views in a short time, one of your best bets is to create content about something that’s important at the time. It could be a remix of an already popular video, a cover of a popular song, a review or parody of a recent movie, or something related to good news. Name your video in a similar way to the original clips, songs, movie trailers, or news, and your video will not only get the same results but may also end up as a recommended video in the sidebar of popular clips.



Subscribers are undoubtedly the best way to get more views in their videos. The people who subscribed to you are your fanbase, waiting for you to upload new videos to verify them. The more subscribers you have, the more views you get in the first few days or even hours of uploading your video. When someone logs in, all of their new videos appear on their homepage and they even subscribe to email notifications when they upload something new to the video site.

How do you get new subscribers? Make sure to upload great content regularly. Many viewers do not even think about subscribing to anyone, but if a note appears on the screen to encourage them to subscribe, or even better when asked in their video, they are more likely to click on their future videos.


Do you have any suggestions to get more YouTube views? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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