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Buy 10000 YouTube Views

YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until they reach 10,000 views.

So We will provide you 10,000 YouTube Views for your Videos.

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Whether you are a small business, a medium one or a large one, video content is a very effective way for you to get the attention of your audience. There are so many ways in which you can be creative with a video.

Buy 50,000 YouTube Views

If you are a small business, having a platform where you upload video content to share with your customers will be very good for your business. The best platform for uploading and sharing videos is of course, YouTube. YouTube has over a billion users and the number of videos watched every minute on YouTube keeps increasing every year. Due to its high reach, it was bought by Google, which makes YouTube even more important.

Trusted and safe Buy 50000 YouTube Views

Your video content on YouTube however, will need to get more views. If you have no views, the videos you upload will be of no use. One quick and easy way to get more views is to buy them from which is a very reliable source with over 14,000 satisfied customers.

buy 10000 youtube views

According to YouTube, you can directly start earning from the adverts you get on your videos but for that you need to become a partner with Youtube and to become a partner you are going to need a total of 10k views on your videos. Which is why offers you 10000 YouTube views at a very low price so you can start earning from your YouTube channel.

 buy 10000 youtube views

Get started on YouTube

If you don’t already have a Youtube channel, then here are a few tips for you to get started:

  • The first thing that you want to figure out before starting a Youtube channel, is that what you wish to achieve? The first thing to keep in mind is the audience, you need to know what the audience wants to watch. This will help your tailor your content that is entertaining for your audience. To help you with this task, you can take small web-based surveys.
  • Next step is to create your YouTube channel, to do that you are going to need a Google account. After you create your channel, you are going to name it. Use the name of your business so that it is easy for people to find you. After answering a few questions and agreeing to the terms of use, you are going to be brought to your new channel.
  • There are a few things you can do to make your channel look more attractive before you start posting videos. The channel icon should be the logo of your company or something that represents your company. If you don’t have a good logo or image already, you should make one. Then there is the about section. Make this short and to the point. Tell who you are, what you do and how to get in touch with you. You can also add links to your other social media websites so that your audience can connect with you on other channels as well. Lastly, the channel art is very important. This is perhaps the first thing the viewer notices when they visit your channel. Youtube provides you with all the details about the dimensions and how your art will look on different devices like laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Make your channel art interesting so that people would want to stay on your channel.
  • Next step which is the most important one, is to make videos, even if you don’t have all the fancy equipment to make videos, you can still make great videos with just your smartphone. It should just be captivating enough. There are lots of tips for making videos and tutorials to help you out that you can find on the internet. Make use of them for your video making and editing process.
  • After you have created a number of videos, you can arrange and categorize them by creating playlists. Making playlists makes it easier for your audience to find the videos they want to watch, plus, the autoplay feature makes the playlist seem episodic so that the viewer keeps watching. You also have the option to choose the video you want to be features on the home of your channel, so that the attention is quickly drawn to that particular video.
  • The next thing is to share your content. Don’t rely on search alone for people to find your videos. You must have other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. Use them to share your videos so that more and more people are drawn to your Youtube channel.
  • Youtube provides you with free analytics, so after you have uploaded a few videos and people start watching them and make use of the analytics. These analytics tell you who watched the video, at what point did they stop watching the video, who commented on the video and many more other analytics. These can be very useful for you to make your next videos.
  • Always remember to respond to people. If you are getting comments on your videos, respond to those comments and keep the audience engaged. Keep encouraging people to subscribe to your channel. As a subscriber will receive a notification everytime you upload a new video.

After a little while you are going to get the hang of how to use Youtube and how to make your channel more effective. Do not worry if you are not getting enough views as gives you the chance to buy views from real active followers that are guaranteed to make your channel a success.

buy 10000 youtube views

New channels will have to buy 10000 YouTube views before they can be considered for the YouTube Partner Program.

Safe YT Views. Please Make Sure Your Video will be Public , Don’t Make It PRIVATE or any restriction.

We can guarantee high quality and natural YouTube video views on YouTube in a few hours. If you want to start a new video with tons of tastes, or if you want to rain in someone’s parade, we can help!

All tastes are hand made by real people, using high quality exclusive YouTube accounts. Each account is aged, Google Verified, has a profile image, bio and a unique history of commitments for authentic and natural results every time.

Make your videos go viral with our Real YouTube views. We can provide up to 100 million audience to any YouTube video.


Business benefits of Youtube

Here are a bunch of business benefits that you can get from Youtube if you have a lot of views:

  1. Everyone’s doing it

I know that just ’cause everyone is doing something doesn’t mean that you should too but in the case of Youtube you definitely should. It’s about the numbers. More than 2 million videos are being watched everyday on Youtube and it has over a billion users so, what are you waiting for? Having your content being viewed by a lot of people is going to give your business more exposure.

  1. Communicating

Sometimes videos are the best way to communicate with the audience. If you want to address some issue that your customers have been facing then instead of writing long texts, you can just make a video which will be so much easier to share and understand. Since people on the internet have short attention spans, videos are probably the best option to communicate with your audience.

  1. Second largest search engine

Youtube isn’t just a video sharing platform, it’s a search engine and that too the second largest search engine after Google. So, having your content here is going to make it so much likely for people to discover you and not to mention since Google bought Youtube and Youtube results appear very high in Google searches, your presence on Youtube is going to enhance your SEO.

  1. Embed your videos

Having your videos on Youtube means that you can embed them in a lot of places and people can watch the video directly from there without having to leave that website or app that they are on. Famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ let you embed Youtube videos making it so much easier for you to share your content.

  1. Realistic interactions

With Youtube, you can make very realistic interactions with your customers. Specially if you are a brand that only exists online, the video content is going to be even more important for you and your customers. Videos are more interactive and are going to engage the audience more which will be better for your business.

  1. Traffic to your website

Having viewers watch your Youtube videos is going to give you a better opportunity to drive more traffic to your website. You can provide the link to your website in the about page of your Youtube channel or in the descriptions of the videos. You can even add interactive text within the Youtube video so people can click on it as they are watching the video. As a business, you know how important it is to drive traffic to your website for your overall rankings.

  1. Increase your audience worldwide

YouTube is watched by people in more than 67 countries all over the world. Having a presence on YouTube is going to give you the chance to connect to people all over the world. This is great for your business because you can find more business partners or people who might be the links that you need for your business. The more links you have, the better business prospects you are going to achieve.

  1. Get more and more exposure

Content that is already popular tends to get more popular. If you are a channel with a lot of views then chances are that more and more people are going to want to watch your YouTube videos and trust your service, they might even end up buying your products and recommending it to others. Studies have shown that people who like a video on YouTube are very likely to share it with their friends and family who will then most likely share it with more friends and family. This way, videos give you the chance to gain more and more reach and exposure.

  1. Earn directly through Youtube

YouTube not only gives you the opportunity to promote your business but also the chance to start earning money directly from it. There are some terms to it though. You are going to need a certain number of subscribers and views to start earning from the adverts. Once the terms are met you are going to start earning the revenue from ads. YouTube is going to play ads before the start of your video (this can be disabled). You are going to start earning revenue from the ads whenever someone clicks on the ad that plays before your video starts. After you become a Youtube partner, you are also going to start earning money according to the number of views you get on your videos. Thousands of Youtube channels are earning a 6 figure directly from YouTube.

  1. Reviews

Reviews and feedback are very important for every business. Youtube comments are very important source of feedback and reviews. People who watch Youtube videos, actively comment on them as well. People who read these comments are going to be affected by them. If someone reads a positive comment about your brand, they are likely to trust you more. In this way, feedback is very important to build trust and credibility to enhance your business. Another smart way to use feedback is to upload video testimonials. People are more likely to trust you more if they hear about you from other satisfied customers.

Buy youTube Views

With all these crazy benefits, your business is sure to be a success if you use YouTube effectively. Remember, views are the key to success on YouTube and the way to start earning money directly from adverts.

This is the reason why provides you with 10k YouTube views for a very low price so that you can start earning money from adverts now.

Don’t worry about getting blocked because the views are going to be from real active users which will give you the chance to reach even more audience. The views will be delivered to you within a period of 48 hours and incase of any complaints or errors, you can contact them directly as they have a 24-hour customer support service.


To Purchase YouTube views now, select the package, enter a few details and make the payment. As soon as your views get delivered, you will be able to earn ad revenue directly from YouTube.

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