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Why Should You Buy Facebook Status Likes?

One of the battlefields for businesses is Facebook. This is a social media with 1.35 billion active monthly users according to the statistical data of Quarter 4 of 2014. There is no business that can succeed without a well established Facebook page. Ever since Facebook has been listed publicly, it had become more aggressive in monetizing its huge number of user base. Some years back, it was not a difficult task to build a 100k Facebook page even with little or no effort. But nowadays, reaching a thousand likes on your Facebook page will require spending few dollars on Facebook ads. Tremendously, this has greatly increased the expenses of the businesses marketing.

Purchasing Facebook page likes with and ignites your social media marketing campaign! We have a clear knowledge of the frustration you are experiencing in the process of building a successful page in your Facebook account. That is the reason we have designed unique package to help you succeed in your businesses.

There are lots of changes made by Facebook to their algorithm and to make pages more difficult to attain more followers. If you really need more Facebook page likes, then you will have to pay Facebook for an advert in order to promote your page. Meanwhile, with our premium package on Facebook likes, you can purchase Facebook likes at a cheaper rate with total assurance that they are very safe. Constantly, we are looking for a trustworthy partner who will offer the highest quality of Facebook page likes hence, you will not need to bother anytime you place an order with us.

How to Maintain the Purpose of Buying Facebook Likes

We have decided to assist you by giving cheap Facebook page likes service, hence you will be able to take care of the purpose of buying Facebook page likes. With the premium quality, Facebook page likes service we are providing, you are assured of the beautiful looking Facebook page with healthy and huge numbers of likes. Both customers and new prospects will trust you more on what you share and more likely to share them on their newsfeed.

You have wasted time enough! Stop wasting your precious time and huge money on Facebook ads. The cost of each like has increased greatly and it just not worth it. This is the time to save your hard earned money and invest in developing better quality services or product that will keep your customers and attract new sales.

We at are the only few of the social marketing service companies that offer you 2 months risk refill guarantee with the Facebook page likes. With over 95 percent of positive reviews on our Facebook page likes service, we guarantee total satisfaction of our service and recommend it to your family and friends. Just place your order now and start to see your Facebook page likes count boost!

At the moment, Facebook is massive. Almost everybody you know will more likely have a Facebook account for their business potentials. It is very difficult for a person or a company that just begin a business to attract Facebook likes to your posts or page when it is currently empty. This is the reason why you need to buy Facebook likes in the first place so as to give your page a reliable impression. With empty Facebook posts or page, naturally, it will only deter the people from liking your posts or page. The fastest and easiest way to appreciate a Facebook post is to hit the like button. Engaging on the Facebook entails revolving around this feature. This is the most common use feature on Facebook. Aside from exciting and engaging on the catchy post, another way by which you can get Facebook likes on your post is to buy the Facebook likes instead of spending money on your social media campaigns. It is just like magic when it comes to engagement and activity.

Our Facebook Likes Service Features

Our Facebook post likes service features include:

  • 100% real and fast Facebook picture/video/post likes from real people
  • Long years of experience
  • 100% risk-free and money back guarantee
  • Purchase cheap Facebook video/post/picture likes
  • An easy way to get more on Facebook posts
  • Dedicated customer support with 24/7 Live Chat
  • Order placement within 1 -2 days
  • Improve Facebook search ranking position
  • No admin access required
  • Great for Facebook video contest/picture
  • Availability of Multiple secure payment methods
  • Thousands of satisfied customers across the globe
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Anonymous and confidential service
  • Safest promotion techniques.


How Facebook Likes You Bought From Us Will Work

  1.  Social Media Marketing

It will promote your account or content throughout social media starting from Facebook to Twitter.

  1. Sponsored Placements

We will tap into our 15,000+ web partners in order to promote you and your content on various apps and websites.

  1. Influencer Marketing

We will get you a huge number of influencers to tweet share or post your content to their followers.

  1. Premium Networks

Also, we will tap into our exclusive network of more than 2,500,000+ targeted users so as to grow your visibility.


Why Do You Need Our Service to Increase Your Facebook Post Likes?

We are glad to let you know that we offer services for Facebook likes. We are the best, fastest and offer cheapest social media marketing advertisement/campaign ever since our inception to date. We provide full support together with everything you needed to succeed on your Facebook. Whether you are in search of how to become popular, get more customers, increase your presence or boost your ranking on search engine, when you buy Facebook post likes, you are as well helping in the improvement of all these chance. By so doing, you will be able to boost your credibility, the confidence of your customers so as to achieve incredible results on your business and many more.

Why Buy Facebook Status Likes?

It is very important that you make your status and page on Facebook appear as if they are having huge likes. The reason for this significant is that many people usually copy what other people did. They always want to see that their friend and families that came before them liked their status before they are willing to click on the “Like” button. This is significantly crucial to do prior improving your post on the Facebook. Do not pay for the advertisement of a post that has no likes because it will make you look stupid.

Ten Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Facebook Status Likes

Are you a business minded person that wants to grow your business? If your answer is yes, then you will need to take your business to the next level as you take advantage of some online social media options. One of these options is Facebook. If you really want to increase the popularity of your Facebook profile and business, you will surely need “likes”. The question is, why do you need Facebook status likes? Always remember that more likes will surely increase the number of your audience. Each and every Facebook account owner has a tendency to check the profiles of the communities or friends that have a huge number of audience. Those that did not have a large number of audience will remain mysterious and ignored by anyone that comes across it. It takes much time before one could get likes but the faster method of getting Facebook likes is to buy them. The best opportunity of getting and sustaining your Facebook likes and followers for a long period of time are to maximize an effective social media strategy with interesting fresh contents.

You do not need to mention the number of areas social media has transformed the lives of men these days. This is the main truth that rules out any doubt concerning the credibility of the social media for the purposes of marketing. The main question is that, how can this platform offer a more effective promotion to the businesses? For the purpose of clarity, the most significant thing is the number of followers within a short time. For instance, take a look at Facebook that has about 2 billion users. Nearly all businesses find their target audience from the pool of massive users. The best way of the targeting of this audience is to purchase Facebook likes. At times this could be too much controversial. Realistically speaking, the controversy around the purchasing of Facebook status likes cannot be compared to same myths that are nowhere to be found. What you really required to know is the benefits of this social media marketing technique in case there is any.

Here are ten good reasons why you need to buy Facebook status likes:

  • Help to Influence Potential Customers

When a potential customers view your page on Facebook and find out that your page is having a huge number of likes, it will surely click on them that your page is highly significant. People will attract to what attracted others to your page. If potential customers find out the number of likes you are having, they could be tempted to like your Facebook page as well and even send you message request. Remember that there are some other ways by which you can draw potential customers to your Facebook page. So also, have it in mind that you do not need to keep on purchasing Facebook likes, it could be that you just need to carry out that so as to build a foundation for your business.

  • It could be that you are an influencer

Of course, people like to follow mainstream institutions or individuals. Every decent number of likes will show that you could be an influencer and must be taken with seriousness. Remember that eh more likes you get, the more popular you are and even more attractive it will be for anyone to join your page.

  • Increase in the Tendency of Sustaining Your Likes

Your new “likes” will generate traffic to your group and this will verify to the older friends on Facebook that it was a good option to be a friend to you. Those new subscribers are just more passionate and highly effective to like and make comment on your posts that could entice your original friends to do same.

  • Unique Profile

If anyone likes your page, it will show as a recommendation to the other people in the network of such person. His or her friends could view your page and eventually have interest in you. Therefore, it worth doing all that you could do so as to encourage the people to like your page. Those purchased likes could be of help to you to start this process.

  • Attract More Friends

Normally, the original followers may leave because of being dynamic within a short time hence it could be the time when you should start attracting new followers. At this off opportunity, you will see people backing off your page, buying a few likes could make people remain and begin to follow you and attract fresh and new friends on your Facebook page.

  • Just like a Clue in the Real World

A massive number of likes are telling each and every individual that sees it “Hey”! There is something here that is attractive! Therefore, the more Facebook likes you get, the more interested people that will like to follow you. So also, remember that you do not need to purchase directly if you are not comfortable with the Facebook likes. You can attract followers with your Facebook ads you use to promote your page.

Purchasing Facebook status likes could be something you wish to consider most especially for a short period of time. So also, there are some disadvantages about this. People might not see your business credibility if you purchase Facebook likes. It could put your page ad profile at high risk of ranking low on the Facebook due to the fact that ranks on Facebook are depending on invested fans. When you have too much of inactive Facebook likes, it could mar your account.

  • For Quicker Promotion

Most professionals place great emphasis on collecting organic likes for the effective promotional campaign on their Facebook page. Without any doubt, organic followers are said to be more result oriented for a long time. But the quick technique is required for you to get few likes. To boost your organic likes, you will need to purchase Facebook page likes in order to establish your credibility.

  • Minimize Marketing Costs

Of course, you can purchase Facebook likes at a very low price which is a faster technique. When you work on organic followers, it would seem like a long process with hard work before getting a result and as well require much investment when it comes to marketing expenses.

  • Boost the Growth

How you can purchase Facebook like is connected to the growth and this could be demonstrated when it comes to the behavior of the users. It does not matter whether the Facebook page of your business has some form of interest for a certain user or not. The user will never want it if it there is no existing likes. Therefore, purchasing Facebook likes is relevant even if you really wish to attract possible clients. Indeed, the process is directly connected to the growth of your business through the promotion of Facebook.

  • Gain More Likes Than Competitors

When you invest in the Facebook marketing, there is a high tendency that you will have more “like” than your competitors. If your competitor is of more reputation than you, it is highly recommended to consider increasing the likes of your Facebook page. As said earlier, if there is an increased number of followers on your Facebook page, it will give an impression that your business is full of high credibility than your competitors. This is why it is very important for you to purchase Facebook status likes. These will not only boost the number of your followers but will as well assist in reducing the competitions.


Gone are the days when you have to beg your friends for likes or use services that take a number of days or weeks before delivering your order on Facebook likes. offer results rapidly and efficiently. Statistics show that Facebook keeps status updates with those with huge likes of the count in your friend’s news feeds up to about three times longer as it keeps the update at the top of the news feed. As soon as your fans discover the update, they will be forced to read your post or better still; click your link. Anytime a post has a large number of likes, other visitors are more likely to like it also. Purchase Facebook post likes for your updates so as to get more attention from your fans and get the credibility improve what you deserve. You do not have to bother about your likes. We are here to get you “likes” from the real people and not bots or spam accounts as some of our competitors do.

Types of Facebook Post Likes You Will Get from Us

Your picture will get “likes” from the real people that are located in the USA or any other country. We offer you your target. The status likes will be sent gradually and in a natural way due to this significance. We will not send you all at once as this could trigger your fans to raise the suspicious head. All the people that will like your posts will have complete profiles with friends and activity hence you have nothing to worry about. So also, they will all have English speaking names just like they are all the people in the US.

Our Facebook Post likes packages offers your picture on Facebook a competitive edge as it exposes it to thousands of real people and allowing them “like” your picture. More so that all the picture “likes” we deliver are from real people, it is absolutely safe to use. This is advantageous to the people that will not want to gatecrash with cheap post likes. If you are trying to win the contest in the USA, you must get thousands of foreign fake profiles liking your post rather than the opportunities that you will be disqualified or get your account banned.

At followers24hour, we take pride in the quality of work we send to our customers. This is our evidence when you purchase Facebook post likes from us due to the fact that we use proprietary filters to ensure that you get no fake or international likes to your posts. All of our post likes are confirmed to ensure that you get what you want exactly based on what you pay for. At the moment, Facebook is the largest social networking website across the globe and in spite of their being social, it is a major platform for the businesses to grow and take their businesses to the greater height across the world. The most popular and the first way to reach out to your target audience is to take advantage of the Facebook business page. This is the fastest solution to grow your number on the Facebook business pages and many businesses owners are trying hard to make the huge error of purchasing likes so as to increase the number of their fans on Facebook.

In case you have a website, surely you must have a Facebook fan page with little or thousands of followers. In the past, when updates were made on your Facebook page, they will reach all your fans but recently, most of them have changed. Facebook has its own algorithm called Edgerank and this helps to control how and who will see updates made on the business page. With the algorithm changes carried out by Edgerank, page reach is mainly minimized and your updates will reach 5 to 12 percent of your audience if and only if they are so lucky.

Can you see the reason why it is very important for you to purchase Facebook status likes? The fact that you are on Facebook does not imply that it is purposely designed for fun. Facebook is designed for you to make yourself visible to the world and let the world know what you are up to. This can be done as said earlier through the number of likes and followers you have. When your Facebook status likes are huge and highly active, you are sure of having a safe landing in your business. But if you purchase your Facebook status from the unreliable service provider, then you are standing the risk of getting your Facebook banned. Many people have made millions of dollar through their likes on the Facebook page.

Why Facebook Page Likes Work

Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide. That is a lot of potential business. It is renowned that no matter the number of reviews of the products and services, there are online or in magazines, the consumers trust friends and family more than anyone else for the opinions on just about anything from where to take the children for a day out to which surround sound system will make you jump out of your seat with each explosion. This does not just work for B2C businesses. If someone you know suggests an accountant you are likely to take note more than just seeing who comes top of your Google search.

What to Do Before Buying Facebook Likes

The best thing about having a page on Facebook is that anyone can access it even if they are not a member of Facebook. With a Facebook page, you can easily get in touch and relate to your clients and your prospects. A Facebook page has lots of benefits as it gives a base camp for your business. You do not need to say that the best Facebook page will have lots of fans or likes. If you want to quickly start your online presence and get more followers, you can easily establish the following ways to get your likes:

  • Alert your friends or network about your page as you post a status update requesting your network to join your Facebook page
  • Give incentives to the people
  • Install a “like box” on your website. This is to customize and would be efficient in letting your website visitors become a fan without leaving your website page.
  • Tag your status to elicit attention that will get Facebook likes to your page.
  • Suggest to friends. You have to be cautious with this as you do not want to annoy people by bombarding them with frequent invitations.
  • Link your Facebook page to Twitter to allow all your posts to be sent to Twitter with a link back to your Facebook post.
  • Carry out a contest exclusively for fans
  • Blog about your Facebook page
  • Put a link to your Facebook page on your profile by placing your page underemployment.
  • Put your link in your email signature and forum signature.

When you take advantage of all these mentioned above, you can then buy few likes to take your Facebook status to viral.

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