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Instagram rose to popularity because of its unique picture sharing feature. The extremely popular picture-sharing app came around in 2010 and now boasts an incredible 700 million users. So, to say that Instagram should be a useful business platform is an understatement. In 2016, Instagram added the feature of allowing users to convert to a business profile and those who owned a business profile would have some extra benefits.

The success of the business on Instagram however, of course depends on the followers you have. The more the followers, the better your reach and the more customers you are going to gain that is why offers you the chance to purchase real active Instagram followers. So, if you aren’t already considering starting a business on Instagram then you should start considering it now. Starting a page on Instagram is going to give you the following benefits:

Buy 10k Instagram Followers Cheap

  1. Getting Insights

Just like Facebook, Instagram also offers the feature that allows you to see your analytics. Remember though, that you can only view the analytics of the posts that you made after you converted to a business account. Insights is one of the most powerful tool online to find out how well your page is doing and how you can make it better. The analytics that Insights offers are:

  • Comments- the number of comments that have been left on a post by you.
  • Likes- the number of likes that have been left on a post by you.
  • Saved- the number of unique accounts that have saved a post made by you.
  • Reach- the number of unique accounts that have seen a post made by you.
  • Impressions- the total number of times a post by you has been seen.
  • Engagement- the number of times a unique account liked, saved or commented on a post made by you.

These analytics are great because you can work out how many times a post was seen and how many times was it engaged upon. These can help you figure out which posts were more interesting that they compelled the user to engage with them.

  1. Contact

It gets very difficult when someone visits your page and then in order to contact you, they have to click on the URL provided by you which takes you to your website. You begin to wonder how many people are actually going to take the time to click and then get your information and then get the chance to contact you. Instagram has made this hassle so much easier with their powerful feature that allows users to contact you with just one touch. Users now have the power to send you an email with the touch of a button.

  1. Visual marketing

As we keep advancing, visuals keep becoming more and more powerful. You can see that Facebook is now stormed with picture or video posts and the text posts are disappearing. This shows that people are now more interested in visuals than reading long texts and descriptions. The more powerful a picture is, the bigger the effect it is going to have on the viewer. Instagram allows you to use the power of the visuals to the maximum. It gives you features that lets you take pictures and record videos and then edit them instantly. Use Instagram to visually promote your brand as visual advertising is all the rage now.

  1. Instagram ads

This feature was first only available on Facebook but now Instagram too allows business accounts to run their ads and it’s a very easy process. All you have to do is select and post and then click on promote at the bottom. After that you select the budget and the audience you want to target. The ads are very inexpensive as compared to the conventional print and tv ads are so much more targeted. They are going to be a great way for you to boost your business.

  1. Linking to Facebook

You can now connect your Facebook business account to your Instagram business account. This linking helps you directly share any post you make on your Instagram account to your Facebook account. Similarly, this feature also links the type of business from Facebook to Instagram. For example, if your Facebook account says it’s a bakery your Instagram account will also say the same.

  1. Useful for all kinds of businesses

People tend to think that Instagram is just useful for product-based businesses but that is not true. While it is evident that product-based businesses allow you to take interesting and captivating pictures of the product that make it easy for you to promote your business. You can still successfully promote service-based businesses as well. Share pictures of your satisfied clients, of the places you are visiting and checked in to. You can also share pictures of promotional packages. These and in many other ways you will be able to promote your business as the picture posts are going to efficient and to-the-point.

  1. Customer support

Instagram Direct is a feature of Instagram that allows you address issues that your customers face in a private conversation. Instead of commenting on posts and dealing with customers in public, the customer can message you directly and the issue can be addressed. Even if a customer has complained about something publicly in the comment section of a post, you can message the customer and deal with the issue privately.

  1. High engagement rates

The real social media giant is Facebook with 1.9 billion users but Instagram is not far behind and when it comes to engaging with the posts, Instagram beats Facebook to it. Instagram followers are more likely to like, comment and share a post and people are more likely to purchase something after seeing a picture of it on Instagram. All these perks are going to make it more likely for your business to succeed if you have an Instagram account.

  1. Get creative

Instagram lets you get creative. It offers easy editing and filters that give a professional look to your photos. You can get creative with these filters and give your pictures a look that represents the overall theme of your business and products. Another great thing you can do to promote your business is to use hashtags that lets people discover you. Moreover, you can start contests or use user generated content and integrate it with your content. Really, there’s so much you can do with Instagram. You just have to use your imagination.


With all of this established, make sure if you are running a business, you create an Instagram account for it. It will be for your own benefit. In order to make your business a success you are going to need followers that is why offers the exclusive package of 500 active Instagram followers. You can purchase this package in more than just 1 quantity.

You must know some of these great benefits for having more followers on Instagram

  • Make more money

There are more ways to earn money on Instagram than just selling products or services. If you have a massive following on Instagram you are going to get noticed by advertisers. Advertisers are always looking for new places and platforms to advertise. So, if you have a good number of followers, you are likely to get ads that are going to help you make more money.

  • Start trends

Instagram is useful for more than just posting and sharing pictures. There are lots of ways you can utilize it. If you have a lot of Instagram followers then one of the things you can do is start trends. Since the engagement rate of Instagram is more than any other social media platform, it gives you the perfect opportunity to start trends that are going to catch on really fast. Be creative and start trends that are going to promote your business. Utilize hashtags to your benefit. Really there so much you can do if you have a good following on Instagram.

  • Builds credibility

If you are running a business and you have a lot of followers on Instagram, people are going to get curious about you and are going to be inclined to follow you. If you are selling products then having a lot of followers will consequently mean that you are going to get a lot of likes and comments on your posts which will imply that people like your products and whatever you are selling or even if you are a service-based business people are going to trust you if you have a huge following. Having more likes is going to promote your business for you and is going to give you more followers which means you are going to have more customers who will be willing to trust your services.

  • Perfect place for artists

If you are an artist and wish to sell your paintings or other artwork then having lots of followers on Instagram is going to prove maximum benefit for you. Artists work on selling visually enticing and appealing products and Instagram users prey on visually appealing content so if you are an artist and wish to enhance your business through Instagram then you are going to need a lot of followers. Similarly, photographers dream social media platform is Instagram where they can post amazing and captivating pictures and promote their photography business.

Instagram is the social media application preferred by most public figures, as actors who want to keep their fans up to date on their lives, or politicians as their platform to promote their advocacy. The number of followers of Instagram usually equates to the popularity of one. Like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have the highest number of followers on Instagram in 2016, however, a lot of Hollywood personalities are using Instagram, too.

But, what if you do not have many friends on any of the sites mentioned? There is already a solution!

Today, many websites offer services that allow users to buy Instagram followers. With just a click and money, you can make yourself or your business “Insta-famous”. Who knows? You might get attention from the likes of Ellen Degeneres or Oprah Winfrey.

Trusted and safe

So why do you need to buy Instagram followers? Here are some reasons why you should do this:

  • It is the fastest and easiest way to gain popularity.
  • It increases one’s credibility.
  • Increases self-esteem.
  • Save time and energy.
  • Decreases marketing expenses.
  • It is not a crime.

Gaining popularity – an Instagram user does not have to start from scratch. With just a few clicks and dollars, he or she can have an instant 1000 followers an average of 17 to 19 USD.

An Instagram user who sees many people following you can arouse curiosity as to what you have in your account that attracted your followers. This creates the Bandwagon effect. The next thing you know, your frenemy becomes one of your followers. How big is that?

Increase one’s credibility – if you are an entrepreneur with a lot of followers, this can send a message to other Instagram users. As with some mall shops or restaurants, the more people you see in them, the more believable their services may seem since this is where people usually look. The more followers you have, the more people trust your products or services, so the best option is to buy Instagram followers.

Increased Self-Esteem – The number of followers and tastes in an Instagram selfie matters especially for people who feel insecure about how they look or dress. Like a Domino effect, the more you follow or like your posts on Instagram, the more users will be drawn to do the same. So, adding to their popularity and perhaps, self-esteem.
An Instagram user can save time and energy by inviting others like friends, relatives, colleagues to follow. With just a few seconds, he or she can have your desired number of Instagram followers. In addition, this can also save you from seeing raised eyebrows or hearing some unfavorable observations.

Decrease in marketing expenses – entrepreneurs can save on expensive ads because they can only buy Instagram followers to attract potential customers. This will make your business look good and cause curiosity among other users.
When you look for popularity, be creative and think freely you can get more followers in an instant. Also, buying Instagram followers is not a crime! Some famous celebrities did. A news article posted on tells a story that tastes Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, the US president. Donald Trump as well as former President Barack Obama have bought followers on some of their social media accounts.
So, you do not need to be a celebrity or a politician to gain more followers, you just need to know where to look to buy Instagram followers.
Buying Instagram followers can seem to create wonders, there are some risks that people need to be aware of, as well. These include being defrauded, losing Instagram previously acquired followers, losing their reputation and not direct sales and audience.

Why buy Instagram followers?

  • Brands, celebrities, influences, and even politicians have been known to fill their social media statistics by adding fake followers.
    Why do they do it?
  • It is about perception. The number of followers is something that many people look at when dimensioning an account to follow and is a common metric that brands use to measure their own Instagram efforts.
  • If you are thinking about buying Instagram followers, it could be because you are looking for a thousand followers to make the ball move, hoping it will encourage real people to see your brand.
  • Quality over quantity is a nice feeling, but the reality is, many people judge an Instagram account by their numbers.
  • Also, buying Instagram followers is cheap and easy to do as you are about to learn.

Buy Instagram Followers

How Instagram Buying Works

  • First, it is important to note the distinction we are making here between the explicit act of buying followers and the more freely defined practice of Instagram automation.
  • Instagram automation can refer to the act of allowing a bot to like and comment on its behalf. If you would like more information on that badly recommended shortcut, check out our publication I tried Instagram automation (so I do not have to).
  • Buying followers on Instagram, on the other hand, is exactly that. Link your account to a service, make payments and see how your audience grows.
  • It can be quite cheap, with many services charging around $ 5 USD for every 1500 followers. But you got what you paid for. In most cases, bots and zombie accounts (dormant accounts that have been taken by robots).
  • There are also more expensive options that charge more than $ 1,000 per 10,000 followers. These services maintain active accounts that will interact with yours.
  • Some tools will follow users on their behalf in the hope that they will return the favor. You will be asked what type of accounts you want to continue based on such things as location, hashtag usage, similar accounts, and gender. Then, after a predetermined time, the robot does not follow anyone who does not follow you back.
  • The Instagram Follower tool we experimented with did nothing of the sort. In fact, our fictitious account has never followed anyone-bot or actual user.


Buy Instagram Followers

Benefits of buying followers from

When using Instagram, you need to continuously keep posting interesting content and be very active to make sure that people can view your content and interact with it. The process of gaining followers on Instagram can be quite a long one. If you are lucky one your post might catch on and you end up getting a lot of followers overnight but that doesn’t happen for everyone.

For most people, they have to wait and post and post and keep coming up with fresh content to get followers and sometimes even if you do everything in your power, you still don’t get the follower increase that you need.

Other than that, there is a lot of competition on Instagram. People post eye catching content all the time, so keeping up with the rivals is a tedious task in itself. Which is why people actually recommend buying followers for Instagram.

It’s no sin and most businesses do it in order to get a jump start. Plus the benefit of having real active followers is that your followers are going to view and interact with your posts.

Buy Instagram Followers

You also cannot deny the ease with which you can buy followers on followers24hour. There is no going through long procedures and numerous steps. You just have to give your profile link and make the payment and your followers will be delivered to you in the really short amount of time of 24-48 hrs. Really, it couldn’t get easier than that.

You can trust followers24hour to provide you with the best service because unlike many scams on the internet, this site is actually a very credible source to buy followers and if there is any inconvenience or problem with the delivery of followers, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

ssl-comodo Buy Instagram Followers

Last buy not least, other ways to advertise or promote your business are so expensive. Compared to that, buying likes from this site is a very cheap method to promote your business.

You would have the guarantee that you are going to get the certain amount of followers that you purchased unlike other advertising methods where you can’t be sure if it’s going to work and how many people are actually going to respond.

So if you are on Instagram, then get all the perks of being popular on Instagram just buy buying followers easily on

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